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The page is not loading! What now?

It's probably because your browser is overloaded with navigation data and this prevents you to advance to the next page. This navigation data is called cookies.

The browser is the software that allows you to access and navigate the Internet. Your browser can be:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome


To solve this problem you can:

  • Change browser, or clear the cookies and delete your browsing history. Do not forget to close the browser and reopen it after performing this action.

How to clean cookies and delete browsing data? Consult one of these tutorials for your browser:



Internet Explorer Click here Click here
Mozilla Firefox Click here
Google Chrome Click here
Safari Click here



You are still having problems? Restart your computer.

Check if your browser is updated with the latest version available. Ultimately, you can try deleting the browser and reinstalling.

Do not forget you can also book with our applications for iPhone and Android with your smartphone or tablet.